Metal Locker Storage Cabinet Locker Children Locker Double Doors Lokcer Hanging Cloth Home School Classroom Requires Assembly

$367.00 USD $467.00 USD

2-door children's cabinet:

1. Product size: h1290 * w760 * d460

2. The and bottom contain 4cm feet

3. Door with magnetic suction

4. There are two laminates inside

5. There is a clothes hanger inside

6. Iron outer handle

7. Red, yellow, white and blue are available

?Removable Shelves?: The shelves in the cabinet can be adjusted according to the needs, which optimizes the storage space of the content.
?Extra Large Space?: Fully meets the storage needs of children's items, and there are hangers to hang clothes.
?High-quality material?: High-quality steel material is used, and the outer layer is painted with colorful paint, which is more in line with children's preferences.
?Double-opening magnetic suction door?: The cabinet adopts the design of double-opening doors, which is more convenient to access clothing and supplies. At the same time, there is a magnetic suction design on the door frame, which makes it easier to close the cabinet door.
?EASY TO ASSEMBLE?Lateral file cabinets with lock need simple assembly, we will have assembly instructions to help you complete the assembly. If you have any problems with the installation, you can contact us at any time by email, and we will provide you with the best solution
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