COFFEE TABLE,15 minutes quick assemble,computer table, wood grain color,steel/metel legs support, big storage space,Liftable and lowerable table top,young people\'s favorite

$240.00 USD $340.00 USD

This coffee table is popular with young people
1. 15 minutes quick assemble,very easy and quick install,
2. The bearing capacity is up to 200 pounds;
3. Steel legs as the support, strong stability, Looks like very beautiful ;
4. Two pieces of table tops are liftable and lowerable, suitable for two people using at the same time.
5. All hardwares are famous brand and durable use;
6. Large storage box design, can accommodate toys, clothing, magazines, red wine, bowl spoon and so on all can accommodate objects, the use of space is diverse, can be placed in the Living room,restaurant lamp position, very beautiful and generous;